EUC Sessions

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Hardware Solutions for Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems

Session Chair: Jeronimo Castrillon, TU Dresden

18. Ioannis Christoforakis and George Kornaros. Runtime Adaptation of Embedded Tasks with a-priori Known Timing Behavior Utilizing On-line Partner-Core Monitoring and Recovery

33. Boris Hübener, Gregor Sievers, Thorsten Jungeblut, Mario Porrmann and Ulrich Rückert. CoreVA: A Configurable Resource-efficient VLIW Processor Architecture

49. Mohamad Hammam Alsafrjalani and Ann Gordon-Ross. Dynamic Scheduling for Reduced Energy in Configuration-Subsetted Heterogeneous Multicore Systems

19. Mehrdad Bagheri and Gert Jervan. Fault-tolerant scheduling of mixed-critical applications on multi-processor platforms


Resource- and Context-Aware Methods for Efficient Execution of Embedded and Ubiquitous Software Systems

Session Chair: Ann Gordon-Ross, University of Florida

39. Matteo Ferroni, Andrea Damiani, Alessandro A. Nacci, Donatella Sciuto and Marco Domenico Santambrogio. cODA: An Open-Source Framework to Easily Design Context-Aware Android Apps

12. Laurent Lemarchand, Isaac Armah-Mensah and Jean-Philippe Babau. Dynamic Server Configuration for Multiple Streaming in a Home Network

55. Sangsoo Park. Task-I/O Co-Scheduling for Pfair Real-Time Scheduler in Embedded Multi-Core Systems

52. Yiqiang Ding and Wei Zhang. Hop-based Priority Scheduling to Improve Worst-Case Inter-Core Communication Latency


Mechanisms and Design Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Software Systems

Session Chair: Iuliana Bacivarov, ETH Zurich

21. Yi Zhang, Nan Guan and Wang Yi. Understanding the Dynamic Caches on Intel Processors: Methods and Applications

24. Mohamad Hammam Alsafrjalani, Pablo Viana and Ann Gordon-Ross. Minimum Effort Design Space Subsetting for Configurable Caches

41. Kiril Georgiev and Vania Marangozova-Martin. MPSoC Zoom Debugging: A Deterministic Record-Partial Replay Approach

27. Ferry Pramudianto, Beatriz Avila, Prof. Dr.Mathias Jarke and Marco Jahn. Extending Semantic Device Discovery with Synonym of Terms


Applications of Ubiquitous Embedded Systems

Session Chair: Thorsten Jungeblut, Bielefeld University

7. Yuyan Sun, Xinyun Zhou, Limin Sun and Shuixian Chen. Vehicle activity analysis based on ANPR system

29. Vlado Altmann, Jan Skodzik, Peter Danielis, Johannes Mueller, Frank Golatowski and Dirk Timmermann. A DHT-based Scalable Approach for Device and Service Discovery

43. Hai Nam Tran, Frank Singhoff, Stéphane Rubini and Jalil Boukhobza. Instruction cache in hard real-time systems: modeling and integration in scheduling analysis tools with AADL

37. Arash Vahidi. The monotonic separation kernel


High Level Synthesis

Session Chair: Christian Pilato, Columbia University

Blair Fort, Andrew Canis, Jongsok Choi, Nazanin Calagar, Ruolong Lian, Stefan Hadjis, Yu Ting Chen, Mathew Hall, Bain Syrowik, Tomasz Czajkowski, Stephen Brown, Jason Anderson. Automating the Design of Processor/Accelerator Embedded Systems with LegUp High-Level Synthesis

Paolo Burgio, Andrea Marongiu, Philippe Coussy and Luca Benini. A HLS-based toolflow to design next-generation heterogeneous many-core platforms with shared memory

Razvan Nane, Vlad-Mihai Sima, Cuong Pham-Cuoq, Fernando Goncalves, Koen Bertels. High-Level Synthesis in the Delft Workbench Hardware/Software Co-design Tool-Chain

Cathal McCabe. Let's Talk About the Xilinx University Program


Hardware and Design Methodologies for Heterogeneous Compute Clusters

Session Chair: Mario Porrmann, Bielefeld University

328. René Griessl, Meysam Peykanu, Jens Hagemeyer, Mario Porrmann, Stefan Krupop, Micha vor dem Berge, Thomas Kiesel, Wolfgang Christmann. A scalable server architecture for next-generation heterogeneous compute clusters

329. Yves Lhuillier, Jean-Marc Philippe, Alexandre Guerre, Michał Kierzynka, Ariel Oleksiak. Parallel architecture benchmarking: from embedded computing to HPC, a FiPS project perspective

330. Patrick Knocke, Ralph Gšrgen, Jšrg Walter, Domenik Helms, Wolfgang Nebel. Using early power and timing estimations of massively heterogeneous computation platforms to create optimized HPC applications

331. Antonios Motakis, Alvise Rigo. Platform device assignment to KVM-on-ARM Virtual Machines via VFIO


Future Airborne WSN

Session Chair: Marco Raggio, University of Genova

S. Capone, R. Brama, N. Accettura, D. Striccoli, G. Boggia. An Energy Efficient and Reliable Composite Metric for RPL Organized Networks

L. Francioso, C. De Pascali, E. Pescini, M. G. De Giorgi, A. Ficarella, P. Siciliano. Aircraft distributed flow turbulence sensor network with embedded flow control actuators

Francesco Bandiera, Angelo Coluccia, Giuseppe Ricci, Fabio Ricciato, Danilo Spano. TDOA localization in asynchronous WSN

R. Brama, P. Tundo, S. Capone, V. Giampa, L. Francioso, C. De Pascali, M.G. De Giorgi, S. Campilongo, A. Malvasi. Investigating Flows Dynamics with Wireless Pressure Sensors Network


Smart Homes and Buildings Energy Management

Session Chair: Matteo Ferroni, Politecnico di Milano

Alessandro A. Nacci, V. Rana, D. Sciuto. A Perspective Vision on Complex Residential Building Management Systems

Edoardo Patti, Andrea Acquaviva, Vittorio Verda, Dario Martellacci, Enrico Macii. Towards a software infrastructure for district energy management

Mario Caruso, Adriano Cerocchi. On the black-box stand-by recognition strategies in smart home environments

Marcel Mathis, Aliaksei Andrushevich, Andreas Rumsch, Alexander Klapproth. Improving the recognition performance of NIALM algorithms through technical labeling


Smart and distributed embedded systems

Session Chair: Ivan Beretta, EPFL

17. Paulo Pires, Everton Cavalcante, Thomaz Barros, Flavia Delicato, Thais Batista and Bruno Costa. A Platform for Integrating Physical Devices in the Internet of Things

22. Hanshang Li, Ling Wang, Shuo Pang and Massood Towhidnejad. A Cross-Layer Design for Data Collecting of the UAV-Wireless Sensor Network System

53. Monica A Vallejo, Jose L Ayala and Joaquin Recas. A Link Quality Estimator for Power-Efficient Communication over On-Body Channels

11. Xiao Chen, Zhen Jiang, Kaiqi Xiong and Jian Shen. Practical Routing Protocol for Impromptu Mobile Social Networks


Mobile Devices

Session Chair: Alessandro A. Nacci, Politecnico di Milano

Ruben Braojos, Ivan Beretta, Jeremy Constantin, Andreas Burg, David Atienza. A Wireless Body Sensor Network For Activity Monitoring With Low Transmission Overhead

M. Ferroni, A. Cazzola, F. Trovò, D. Sciuto, M. D. Santambrogio. On Power and Energy Consumption Modeling for Smart Mobile Devices

Pietro Mercati, Andrea Bartolini, Francesco Paterna, Luca Benini, Tajana Simunic Rosing. An On-line Reliability Emulation Framework


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6. Huseyin Yigitler, Riku Jantti and Reino Virrankoski. pRoot: An Adaptable Wireless Sensor-Actuator Hardware Platform

14. Jean-Christophe Morgére, Jean-Philippe Diguet and Johann Laurent. Mobile Augmented Reality System for marine navigation assistance

15. Florian Adamsky, Syed Ali Khayam, Rudolf Jäger and Muttukrishnan Rajarajan. Who is going to be the next BitTorrent Peer Idol?

16. Aicha Ben Salem, Seifeddine Bouallegue and Kaouther Sethom. A QoS based Resource Allocation in Femtocell Networks

36. Vincenzo Rana, Francesco Bruschi, Marco Paolieri, Donatella Sciuto and Marco Domenico Santambrogio. On How to Efficiently Implement Regular Expression Matching on FPGA-based Systems

45. Taha Abdelmoutaleb Cherfia, Kamel Barkaoui and Faiza Belala. A BRS-Based Modeling Approach for Context-Aware Systems: A Case Study of Smart Car System

46. Ali El Attar, Rida Khatoun and Marc Lemercier. Trimming Approach of Robust Clustering for Smartphone Behavioral Analysis

48. Essayas Woldu, Mingkun Yang, Gustav Cedersjo, Zain Ul-Abdin, Jorn W Janneck, Veronica Gaspes and Bertil Svensson. Realizing Efficient Execution of Dataflow Actors on Manycores

51. Yu Sun and Wei Zhang. Improve Energy Efficiency with Dynamic Compiler-Directed Function Unit Power Control